Web application & e-commerce systems are a separated division in web development universe. They are usually big systems that require complicated user interactions such as: authentication, authorization, profile management, product management etc. Being sophisticated means they need much more time, efforts and experience to implement.

Coffeemug has a small but very efficient engineer team. Most of our team member has at least 5+ years of experience with web development. Coffeemug’s developers are no non-sense coders. We are software engineers who work with very neat process. We plan, code and test rigorously to deliver robust, well performed and user-friendly systems.

Technology and frameworks

As the old sayings go: “jack of all reades, master of none”. Even though we’d love the ability to be an expert in every technology and framework, that is just impossible. We decided to master some of the most popular technologies that are able to handle any tasks thrown at them.

Development model

We offer both traditional Waterfall, incremental model and Agile development model.


These big systems are obviously not cheap. However, Coffeemug knows how to deliver them within your budget.
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