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Project description

Chlorella is a unique organism in our planet. It is a single-celled alga and one of the oldest living organisms existing. Unchanged for 540 millions years! It is amazing considering that approximately 230 million years ago, during the Triassic period, the Dinosaurs appeared, exist for 165 million years and 65 million years ago they extinct. Chlorella, however, survive three times more, and doing well on our planet at present, it is obviously a super strong organism. An indication to the strength of Chlorella is the huge amount of vitamins and minerals contained in it. Now, for the first time in Vietnam, it is possible to get this world class natural superfood, produced in Japan by Sun-Chlorella Corporation and market in Vietnam by Natural Balance.

  • Client: Natural Balance
  • Type: E-commerce website
  • Status: Complete
  • Key features: CMS, WooCommerce Shopping Cart, OnePay Payment Gateway
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