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Andrew Gowler

Andrew Gowler, Saigon Buddy Tours


Working with Hieu at CoffeeMug has been a pleasure, the building of the site was very collaborative and the end result is great. Hieu has taken the time to personally guide me through the maintenance aspects of the site and is always very responsive when I have a query or a problem.
McBers Trading

McBers Trading, www.mcbers.com.au

Global Sourcing Agents

Thank you Team CoffeeMug! Hieu and his amazing team embodies what all digital agencies should be – responsive, relevant and dynamic. With every step, Hieu guided us and no request was too much trouble. CoffeeMug are efficient and always totally professional, encouraging us to work collaboratively to create our website. We will continue to work with CoffeeMug on the next stages of our strategy and are grateful for Hieu’s insights. To us, CoffeeMug are an extension of our team and they play a critical role in our digital footprint.
Justin Ephraim

Justin Ephraim, Reduxwood


Hieu and his team were very instrumental with the development of our companies vision and objectives for a website. I'm happy to refer anyone to Coffeemug as everything was done efficiently and professionally. Hieu had great ideas and really helped create a special website that fit our vision. And I consider him as a partner within our organization.
David Hehenberger

David Hehenberger, Merchant Metrics


Working with Hieu & the Coffeemug team has been a pleasure. Implementation was lightning fast, the code is nice & clean change requests were implemented within hours. I'd highly recommend them.
Axel Cauvin


Executive director

Hieu and the whole team at Coffemug have done a fantastic job for Protech web site. Going through a complete website design can be a difficult process, however Coffemug organized and disciplined approach lead my project through it easily. Fast, efficient and professional, can’t ask for more!
Ron Nguyen

Ron Nguyen, Net-Work

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Hieu and his team at Coffeemug did an unbelievable job turning my vision of a website into a working reality. Their service was always prompt and to my highest satisfaction, despite our time zone differences. For the amount of work that was done and in the short timeframe that I provided him, Coffeemug was able to do everything that I had requested and more, all at an unbelievable price. I could not have found a better partner in developing my website. Thanks for everything, Hieu!!
Sean Ngo

Sean Ngo, Vietnam Franchises Ltd

Managing Director

Coffeemug was extremely easy to work with. Communication in English was professional and regular, and deadlines were met or exceeded our expectations. Customer service was incredible, even when the contract work was completed, Coffeemug went back to work to fix some issues with the website that was not their doing – we couldn’t be happier. We have paid for cheaper website services, and we got what we paid for. We highly recommend Coffeemug for its professionalism and value for money, and would definitely return to them for other website development needs in the future.
Mirjam Sidik

Mirjam Gommers, Marina & Resort Waterland Suriname

Resort Manager

Coffeemug is a very reliable, creative and efficient web design company that shows initiative and offers good value for money. We are very happy with the results and would recommend Coffeemug any time if you need a new website.
Mirjam Sidik

Mirjam Sidik, Asia Injury Prevention Foundation

Executive Director

AIP Foundation has used Coffeemug's web development service for three years. Mr. Hieu has taken the time to understand our organization and makes himself available to answer our questions. His prompt and skilled support is so impressive that we've recently chosen Coffeemug, among several other agencies, to develop our next website as well.
Dutch Workboats

Dutch Workboats


DutchWorkboats was founded mid 2012. Developing a working and professional looking website is one of the essentials for new companies these days. But managing both its costs and the efforts needed to get it working are a great challlenge. One of our associates already had good experiences with Coffeemug and strongly recommended them. In short - Hieu and Yen put our website together in less than two months time at very affordable cost. Communication was always quick and to the point, even though everything went by email. Aftersales at same level. DutchWorkboats is very happy with the results and the collaboration. Value for money!
Janmary NEEF

Janmary NEEF, asiastreetdance.com

Art & Event consultant

It is through the intermediary of Frank VOSSEN I met Coffeemug to develop my future website. First, for the realization of my website I sent ideas that Hieu was able to analyze and re-transcribe by creating in my own image. He is interested in my passion of dancing and was able to highlight important points in the main content: an attentive and efficient work. I am completely satisfied with the quality of work and recommend Hieu to my contacts with pleasure
Nguyen Manh Hung

Nguyen Manh Hung, hung6776.com

Visual Artist

As a client, I found it very convenient using Coffeemug's sevices. Their design is very good with colors, fonts, display of images and management of contexts. Beside that, I can also update my information with a simple instruction from their designer. The mutual understanding is very important and Coffeemug shown me that through their service. It's very nice to be their client!

TrekStang, trekstang.nl


When Hieu asked us if we would write a testimonial for the new Coffeemug site, we only had to copy a line from one of our mails to Hieu: "Everything looks fantastic, we already got several compliments about the site. A job very well done, Hieu, thank you very much for the quality, your patience, flexibility and perfection!" Moreover, Hieu responded very quickly to our continuous requests. We wholeheartedly recommend Coffeemug to anyone who reads this.
Herman Vroege

Herman Vroege, Euro Offshore bv / Euro Offshore services bv


We herewith declare that we have found Coffeemug the perfectly right partner to build and maintain our websites. During the last 4 years, we had the feeling that we communicated with a company which is close to us. The distance between Holland and Vietnam wasn't a problem at all. New website designs, required changes, etc. have been followed up within 24 hours. By choosing Coffeemug, our companies can act World Wide.
Nguyen Phuong Linh

Nguyen Phuong Linh, SWFP

Art Event Curator

I'm amazed by how coffeemug proceeded their work very fast & professional. The website they design is always clear, simple and easy to communicate and to access.
Alison Shaw

Alison Shaw, Ripple Massage

Business Owner

Coffeemug was just amazing, did a fantastic job on the templates for our website. Very professional and prompt service, can't recommend them highly enough.
Sascha Spiegel

Sascha Spiegel, ELATION Services Ltd.

Managing Director

Apart from the fantastic outcome of our webpage, we mainly appreciated the superb communication but as well the individual, efficient, fast, friendly, carefree and professional service. Coffeemug exceeded our expectations in every aspect, understood exactly our needs and provided us with helpful recommendations. We were delighted to develop our webpage together with Coffeemug and don't hesitate at any time to do coming tasks such as maintenance works, etc. with this dynamic and professional company.
Walter Leijen

Walter Leijen, WL Management Pte Ltd, Singapore

Business Owner

We were introduced to Coffeemug by Christian Dutilh in 2009. Hieu and Yen put our website together in only two weeks time. Their personal approach makes for short and direct lines of communication. They also provide good design and content input. In short, we were (are) happy with their service and strongly recommend having your website done by Coffemug, real value for money!

Dutch Business Association Vietnam


Coffeemug is a professional web design company which works with strict deadlines that were always met. Their design ideas are relevant and understanding of what the customer is looking to the point. During our cooperation the communication was transparent and straightforward, Coffeemug proved to be a reliable business partner. I recommend Coffeemug at all times.
Irene Hoff

Irene Hoff, irenehoff.com


I am a designer myself, and therefore probably not the most easy-going person when it comes to developing my own website. I think some of my requests have been out of the ordinary and required extra research in order to fulfill them. Coffeemug managed to implement them all without loosing their patience ;-), resulting into the website I had in mind. Coffeemug worked in a very structured way and delivered what they promised in terms of speed and quality, for me real value for money. I can recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable website design service, within Vietnam as well as outside.
Ywert Visser

Ywert Visser, Asia Injury Prevention Foundation

Marketing and Fundraising Consultant

Coffeemug has developed our photo contest website (from start to finish) in two weeks. It was a very pleasant experience. During the design phase they gave us many suggestions. They delivered on time. The website is robust, well written and has not failed once. It was also thoroughly tested and is secure. After this project we also contracted them for a larger project that is currently developed. We are very happy to work with Coffeemug and highly recommend them to others. They are the kind of company most (even the big ones) in Vietnam could learn from in terms of service and quality.
Bruno Tideman

Bruno Tideman, Silverbreeze

Business Owner

I have asked Coffeemug to design and create my website with mail hosting. They are very capable, work quickly and respond actively. My project was finished in one week and I can recommend Coffeemug to everybody, they will not disappoint you and deliver good quality work for a reasonable price!
Song Be Golf

S.T.Low, Song Be Golf Resort

Vice General Director

Coffeemug, though a young company, has shown great creativity and commitment and have been very resourceful in making sure the web-site is a success! They are more than competant and have shown a maturity in being able to handle our Resort with a wide range of services.
Frank Vossen

Frank Vossen, SEDITEX Pte Ltd


Coffeemug did a great job. They understood exactly what we wanted and delivered extremely fast. I tried a number of companies in Vietnam before, small and big, but this was by far the best and most efficient service.
Ong Thi Xuan Quynh

Ong Thi Xuan Quynh, Horizon Real Estate

Business Owner

Coffeemug delivered on time and designed not only a very nice website, but also a fantastic logo. Their helpfullness and understanding are priceless assets and this at a very competitive price!
John Tu

John Tu, Tic Tac Watch Ltd.

Managing Director

I was recommended to Coffeemug by a friend and was very pleased with the experience and quality of work received from Hieu. He was professional, attentive and provided our company with good advice on how to have a strong web presence. I was very satisfied with the quick turnaround and follow-ups. If you are in the market to have a new website for your company, I would highly recommend Coffeemug - Hieu to everyone. He knows what he is doing, he cares about the project and will help you get from A to Z.
Christian Dutilh

Christian Dutilh, Dutilh Trading Vietnam Ltd.

Managing Director

Since 2006 I have worked on several occasions with Hieu and always found his work to be excellent. Not only has he solid knowledge of the latest software developments, he has a talent when it comes to designing clear, user friendly websites in both Asian as well as Western styles. Equally important Hieu always works according to the pre-set time schedule and delivers his work on time. I recommend Coffemug to anyone looking for a reliable and top quality web design service.