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Static Website (HTML)

Static Web Development - HTML5/CSS3

Static websites are purely HTML/CSS website, which means you need to have HTML/CSS knowledge to update them. These websites are often simple, not regularly updated (think of an online brochure) and suitable for companies with humble budget.

Advantages of Coffeemug's static websites:

You can extend your static website in many ways. It may look just like any dynamic website, just slightly harder to update behind the scenes. Your customers will never know :-)

As stated above, clients need to know HTML to update static website. We also provide HTML training for our clients. The typical training will last 2-4 hours and our training fee is $20/hour. Training can be conducted directly (face-to-face) or via online conferences.

Static website pricing

Basic package
  • Unique design (1 option, 2 revisions)
  • 2 templates: homepage & a sub-page template
  • Validated HTML5 / CSS3
  • 1 language
  • Optimized for speed & search engines
from $300
Additional items
Data entry$10 per page
PHP contact form$20
Animated banner$50
Photo gallery$100
Youtube gallery$100
Additional language$100 setup + $5 per page
Web statistic tool$20
CMS upgrade$200

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