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Hosting and Domain

Website Hosting and Domain

Hosting and domain are very basic concepts of the Internet. Hosting is the place to store your website (think of your house). Domain is only a name (think of your address), but it needs to be registered so it can be associated with your host (not someone else's).

Domain registration is a little tricky. Most of the general domains are already registered. You have to come up with an original domain name yourself.

Coffeemug does not provide direct hosting and domain services (only very big companies can). We can still help you a lot though. Read on.

I don't have a host

Don't worry! Coffeemug is a one-stop web shop. You don't have to go anywhere else.
We offer you 2 solutions:

For both solutions, the hosting fee will be transparent between you and the hosting company.
If it's the latter case, we will charge an extra management fee.

(*) Your emails' passwords are encrypted with one-way encryption algorithm and kept secure. We can only reset your passwords, not decrypt them. In other words, we can't read your emails.

I already have a host

Great! Congratulations!

If you want to make a static website with us, any host will be fine.

If you want to make a WordPress website with us, make sure your host (preferably Linux) can run PHP/MySQL. If it can't, don't worry it can be fixed. Switching hosting package usually takes only couple of hours.

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