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Our Team

Below are the core members of Coffeemug Web Development team:

Hieu Nguyen - Web Designer / Production Manager

Hieu / Founder & Director

Hieu has a Bachelor Degree in IT & Multimedia (RMIT University, 2005) and a Master Degree in Media and Communications (Stirling University, 2011). Hieu has vast knowledge of website design/development and he is a true perfectionist. When Hieu has some days off from making websites, he goes into the wilderness to improve his bushcraft skills. Hieu meditates on a frequent basis and teaches Yoga occasionally. He is also a fan of MMA and an avid boxer himself.

Simon Ng - Lead Developer

Simon / Lead Developer

Simon joined our team in 2010. Simon has been programming for nearly 20 years. He started his first line of FoxPro in 1996 and got hooked on coding immediatelly. Simon has worked for many outsourcing companies in Vietnam and he has learned coding the hard way: dealing with strictest requirements from Japanese and European clients. Simon had programmed in Java, .NET before the love with open-source struck him. Now he is the brains behind all Coffeemug's PHP back-end systems. When he is off the computer, Simon likes to spend quality time with his wife and little son.

Yen Tran - Account Manager

Yen / Account Manager

Yen has extensive experience in sales and marketing. She has worked for many top companies in Tourism, Golf and Banking industries. Yen knows how to listen to her clients, understand their needs and transforms ideas into practical solutions. She has a Bachelor in Business Administration. Yen love dogs and traveling.

Trung Ngo - Web Developer

Trung / Developer

Trung has been our trusted developer since 2013. He has a deep passion for coding and has proved himself an efficient, humble and reliable developer. When Trung is not coding, he plays badminton and enjoys reading Japanese mangas (comics).

Thu Hunh - Web Designer / Graphic Designer

Thu / Designer

Thu has been part of the team since 2015. Her enthusiasm to web/graphic design and disciplines are second to none. She is a real asset to the team and our clients are more than happy to have such an attentive person to take care of their designs. While not on her computer, Thu likes to spend time with her daughter. Her hobbies are swimming and sewing.

Loi Nguyen - Web Developer

Loi / Developer

Loi was our team's latest addition. He joined Coffeemug in 2016. Despite the short period, Loi has contributed plenty to our website projects and just nailed a successful corporate project. Like any other hardcore developers, Loi is a big fan of Blizzard's DOTA game.